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Online Personal Development Coaching and Motherhood Support

Are you ready to begin Finding You?

What to Expect

During your 1:1 coaching session you will be given the opportunity to share your story in a confidential space allowing you to feel heard, supported and understood.

You will identify areas of your life you wish to improve and we’ll work together to:

  • Define what’s most important to you
  • Increase self- awareness
  • Equip you with the skills to help you deal with challenging thoughts, situations & emotions
  • Implement the necessary changes to live a life in accordance with your values


Following your session you will have unlimited messaging support via Whatsapp for one week, to ask me follow up questions as you begin implementing the strategies you learnt in session. 

Disclaimer: These services should not replace therapeutic support from a specialised medical practitioner as they are not intended to diagnose and/or treat mental health conditions or address intense or complicated emotions.