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Are you ready to do mothers group differently?

How would it feel to be a part of a mothers group that focused on talking about the changes we go through as we become mums  that have left us feeling confused and unlike ourselves?

A group where women listen to each other without judgment and competition and support and hold space for each other to open up and feel heard, valued and understood even if their opinions differ.

A place to come where you can offload the thoughts and feelings you’ve been keeping locked inside and hear other women share their experiences which will help you feel less alone.

Somewhere you can learn about the transition women go through as they become mothers and learn some practical skills to help you move through the challenges that come with motherhood.

What you can expect...

During this 4 week online program you and a small group of like minded women will be supported and guided as you begin to unpack your matrescence journey and discover who you are in this new chapter of your life.

You will:

  • Learn about matrescence and the impact it’s having on each area of your life
  • Understand the outside factors you may not be aware of that contribute to our struggles
  • Feel less alone as you begin to notice that the thoughts and feelings you have are also experienced by other women
  • Figure out what’s most important to you in this season of your life and how to live in accordance with the type of woman and mother you want to be
  • Feel supported, understood and valued as you are given the space to speak openly and honestly about your experience
  • Receive the tools you need to overcome self doubt, comparison, anger, anxiety and mum guilt
  • Ask questions and receive coaching support from Motherhood Coach, Courtney Whittle

"Becoming a mother doesn’t mean losing who you were.
It means finding a part of yourself you never knew existed."

Early motherhood is a time of great change. Every aspect of your life begins to shift and though the journey is filled with more love and bliss than you could have ever imagined, it can be a very isolating and disorientating time for you personally as you learn to navigate the identity shift happening within.

There's a name for what you're going through and it's called matrescence.

It explains why so many women feel like they’re loosing parts of themselves or they feel unsure of who they have become.

This transition is something we don’t anticipate and we often feel alone in our experience because… nobody told us about it. 

The thoughts and feelings we experience during our matrescence can often feel too taboo to speak about and often we don’t even have the right language to explain what we are going through.

That’s why so many women remain quiet.

When we feel alone in our experience and feel unable to share openly and honestly what we really think and feel, we begin a silent struggle.

This silent struggle can be detrimental to our emotional and physical health and can also trickle down into our mothering experience, our relationships and our everyday life.


But you're not alone, it's not all in your head and it's time to begin to understand the incredible journey you're on.

Please join us for...

Mothers Group Done Differently

Starting 15th May – 12th June 2022

Held online via Zoom 

Sundays at 9-10am (AEST)

$35 a week

For mums with kids aged 0-5 yrs

To secure your spot or to ask a question, please email Courtney here.

If you’re unable to attend these dates but would like to join this program please send through a message with your preferred date and time and you will be added to the waitlist for future programs.

*Limited spots available in order to build connection and create a safe environment. 

Finding You

Finding You Personal Development Coaching is dedicated to supporting the emotional wellbeing of women in the early years of motherhood by helping them to navigate the transition into motherhood in a safe and compassionate space.

Through Courtney’s  professional expertise  and her own experiences as a mother, she has become deeply passionate about empowering women to help them understand the process of becoming a mother (matrescence) and normalising the struggles faced by mums as they journey through those soul-shifting changes in motherhood.